Thursday, February 26, 2015

Re-Position your faith.

Many times in this life we loose focus, we begin to direct our faith toward our jobs, friends, spouses and the things we posses. The meaning of life is no longer about pleasing God our focus becomes taking care of ourselves no matter the cost. We become addicted to things, drugs, sex, power, gossip, Facebook, Television and many other things, because when God is no longer the focus we try to fill the void with things. 

What if we truly allowed our hearts to rely and trust in and on God and we simply said Give us the day our daily bread (Matt6:11) we would move our faith from people, places and things to the King of kings and Lord of lords, life would be better for us. 

I am not saying you should not work or save but what I am saying is you should not be a slave (controlled by or under the authority) people,places and things. God should always be your source and the focus of your Faith. Time to re-position our Faith 

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