Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Without Faith!

We are living in a time where faith is being tested. Marriage are falling apart, love ones you prayed for are dying, crime rates are up and it seems like nothing is secure anymore. But as believer we don’t operate by the way things seem, but instead we walk by faith. Faith is like driving a bullet proof car through the worst crime riddled area of town. If you don’t trust the protection of the care you will not drive down the street because of fear. Just the same if you don’t trust the ability of your God to keep you safe you will not walk in faith. But without faith you can’t please God. A bullet proof car shows its true value when you are under fire, and Faith in God is best appreciated when you use it in the most extreme conditions and situations. 
Trust God and exercise your faith and trust in him even in the extreme conditions that you are facing today. 

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