Saturday, December 23, 2017

By Dawn’s Early Light December 23 Psalm 148

By Dawn’s Early Light 
Psalm 148
Glorify the Lord in dawning light 
Isaiah 24:15

Dressed for warmth and walking the path by memory, I crept through the pre-dawn darkness to sit at a quiet place in Michigan’s north woods. I settled at the base of a sixty foot white pine, got comfortable and jones the silent forest. As day began to break, discernible shapes emeraged from the darkness. Inch by inch the dawn appeared and with it came the awakening of the forest.
    Here and there birds began to sing, A flock of majestic geese flew low to the horizon, punctuating the sky with their busy conversation. A doe and her fawns moved soundlessly along the pine break. A red squirrel stared at me and flicked his tail.
    How could I experience the majestic panorama of God’s creation not praise Him? Quietly I did so, but my mind was shouting glory to His name for all the angles to hear. Yet, compared with giant beech trees, lacy cedars, whip-thin poplars, and leafy ferns, my praise seemed insignificant. What coul my words add t. The wonder of the perky chickadee and the fleet-footed rabbit?
The author of Pslam 148 understood that all nature reflects the Creator’s power and greatness. On that cool fall day I was privileged to join creation in glorifying God by dawn’s early light 

                                                                    David Enger

Creation is the canvas on which God has painted 
His greatness and majesty.

From the Devotional 
Together with God 
A devotional reading for Everyday of the year 
From Our Daily Bread
David Brandon 

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