Sunday, April 5, 2015

Thank you Jesus

When I think about what Jesus did for our spiritual freedom I just can't thank him enough. As I sit here at 3:50am knowing I have to preach tomorrow.  I keep getting tears in my eyes thinking about the suffering he went through so we could be redeemed. There is nothing that gets me excited like Jesus. Not the final 4, the super Bowl nor the NBA finals. In each of those games someone has to loose (ask UK) but in Jesus wining and loosing is a choice and it is not based on our abilities but it is based or our accepting what has already been done. No amount of money in the World can get me to compromise my love for Jesus. It would be great to have great wealth but much better to have blessed assurance.  I would hate to prosper on earth and be bankrupt for eternity. The Gospel message is not houses and land (these things within themselves are not bad unless they become our idol "focus") the Gospel message is about eternal life with Christ. Time to get back to the Salvation message. People will talk about you if you live holy but don't sweat it they talked about Noah up until the time he set sail and they drowned "Oh Well". Time to spread the Gospel of Jesus and stop promoting the Gospel of self. We would not die to self or die for anyone else but Jesus the Christ Died for us so let's start living for him. Much love. 

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