Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lord that's too Hard

We can do Church. We like to sing and dance for the Lord and we love to encourage others. But when we are faced with the application of the gospel in our own lives we say "God that's too hard". When we have a sick loved one that dies and we are told to still trust and believe God. When someone had wronged us and God tells us to forgive them. When people are spreading lies about us and God tells us to keep our mouths closed and not respond, to these things we often say "Lord that is too hard".
But think about this, God is almighty and he knows his plans for you and he knows everything about you. It is understandable for a non-believer to say " I can't do that or that is too hard" because they are living without a PROMISE. But you and I have been given a promise from our Savior and he Knows the thoughts and plans he has concerning us,so instead of saying "That too hard" we should say yes Lord and stick to the sure plans of God. If we deny others forgiveness we are actually denying ourselves the freedom that Jesus the Christ has paid for.  Unforgiving people have to self medicate(Drugs, Alcohol, sex, pride, and being argumentative) to function  day by day. But Christ freed people can enjoy life simply being "high" in the spirit and presence of God. 
NOTHING IT "TOO HARD"In Christ Jesus. 
Don't talk about be about it!

Please read Matthew 18:21-31 in a few different translations. 

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