Monday, March 2, 2015

What if your fears no longer had authority

Often times when I meet people they tell me why they have not been able to achieve their goals or dreams and the conversation often starts out with how life has not been fair to them. Then I see a video from Nick whom was born with no arms or legs and he is a motivational speaker. Many of us have awesome gifts inside of us but we often mistake our blessing for curses. We see hurdles not as something that we have to lift ourselves above but as road blocks and detours of life. The fact is many of the things that we let hold us back are actually things that should strengthen us. Just as a weight lifter uses weights to build body mass, muscle and strength, our trials, adversities and "handicaps" should build character, endurance and Get-up-and Go in the hearts of believers. We say God makes no mistakes and that he makes no junk but we live clutter in Gods Blooper reel. You were hand crafted and purposed for Gods will. His plans are sure and everything that looks like a miscalculation on Gods part actually works together for the Good. So in closing don't let anything cripple you for what you are called to do. 

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